Golden Steering Wheel Award Presented to BMW

The BMW i3 received a Golden Steering Wheel Award from Auto Bild Magazine.

The BMW i3 received a Golden Steering Wheel Award from Auto Bild Magazine.

What’s better than winning one award? How about winning two awards at the same time! That is what happened to BMW earlier this week, when it was announced that the X5 and i3 were both receiving Golden Steering Wheel Awards from Auto Bild magazine.

This is the first time that either vehicle has won the award, and the announcement came just days before both vehicles would be available at dealerships everywhere.

The awards are given out based on public voting of over 200,000 readers of the magazine, as well as the recommendation of a panel of experts. The experts consist of racing drivers, designers, technicians, editors, and prominent testers.

The i3 was the clear winner its segment, beating out the runner up my nearly 100 points, receiving 1,670 points. The X5 also impressed not only readers, but the panel of judges as well. One of the most talked about aspects of the X5 was its powerful TwinPower Turbo Technology.

The X5 and all new i3 are some amazing vehicles, and you can be sure to find them at your local St. Louis BMW dealer if you would like to see why they were worthy of the Golden Steering Wheel Award! 

BMW Announces Lineup for LA Auto Show


How do you think this BMW X model will compare to the all new X5 that is debuting at the LA Auto Show?

How do you think this BMW X model will compare to the all new X5 that is debuting at the LA Auto Show?

With only a few more weeks until the LA Auto Show, BMW has decided to announce their starting lineup for the occasion.

As rumored (and then later confirmed), BMW will be debuting the world premiere of the 4 Series Convertible. Teaser photos and videos show the 4 Series increased in size from the 3 Series. The vehicle will feature a three part hard top, which is ideal for year round driving.

Next on the list are the all new i3 and i8 models, which are set to hit St. Louis BMW dealerships in 2014.  The i sub-brand of BMW has been growing in popularity ever since the announcement that it would be available in the US. BMW will be showing off not only the incredible design of these vehicles, but also their driving abilities.

The all new X5 will also be on display at the LA Auto Show later in November. This SAV is currently in its third generation, and said to be more luxurious and versatile than ever.

Lastly, BMW will be debuting their Concept X4, which breaks into an all new vehicle segment. While it shares the ruggedness of other X models, the Concept X4 also takes on many features of many of BMW coupes.

We are very excited about the upcoming LA Auto Show, and can’t wait to which of the vehicles on display will make it to St. Louis BMW dealerships.

Yahoo Autos Brags about the 1M and M3

When you think about an investment, you typically think of your finances, right? You think about putting money into an account to try to earn yourself more money. It makes sense. But would you ever think that buying a new car would be an investment?

The people at Yahoo Autos seem to think so, and that is why they compiled a list that names cars that people should considering investing in. Two of the top cars on that list: the BMW 1M and M3.

When the 1M made its debut in 2011, it was sold out before it ever even reached dealerships. And if that isn’t enough to get your attention, none of the units sold for less than the suggested sticker price. In fact, majority of them sold for premiums upward of $10,000.

“The BMW 1M is one of the best cars BMW has ever made. Ever. It hit the market in 2010, and its twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine delivered some 340 horsepower. But it wasn’t the sheer power that made it what it was, it was the overall feel behind the wheel. Total driving bliss,” said one of the writers at Yahoo.

Here is a clip of the debut of the 1M at SEMA in 2011.

The second BMW listed was the M3, which is said to be a future classic car. With a V8 engine that might be the last seen, the M3 is an extremely sporty car.

“It’s the high-performance E92 M3 coupe that will leave enthusiasts tripping over themselves to get one in a decade’s time,” says a Yahoo writer.

Investments are something to be taken very seriously. How are you investing?

End of the Road for the 1 Series

With the 2 Series set to make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of months, it looks as though the BMW 1 Series has run out of road to travel on.

Late last week, word came down from BMW that 2013 will be the last year for the 1 Series in the United States. While it will still be available as a three and five door hatch in Europe, the coupe and convertible are being replaced by the 2 Series.

The 1 Series originally debuted as the “successor” to the 2002 to fill an “entry level” gap that BMW had been missing out on while Mercedes and Audi were taking full advantage of.

There is no exact release date for the 2 Series, but BMW has stated that they do not want to stay out of the entry level luxury segment for very long. So it is probably safe to assume that it will be sometime early on in the year.

Make sure that you are keeping up with your St. Louis BMW dealer on Twitter so that we can let you know the exact release date once it is announced by BMW.

The BMW 328d Named Finalist for Green Car of the Year


The 328d has been selected as a finalist for Green Car of the Year.

The 328d has been selected as a finalist for Green Car of the Year.

BMW has always been very proud of their diesel engines. They believe that diesel engines are one of the keys to success. And with the recent naming of finalists for the 2014 Green Car of the Year, they are hoping to prove it.

In a competition that has been dominated by plug-ins, hybrids, and electric cars over the past several years, BMW is thrilled to say that their 328d has been named a finalist in this year’s Green Car of the Year.

The last 3 years saw a larger number of hybrids, plug-ins, and electric cars than it did gas powered cars. Altogether, only 8 gas powered vehicles have been named finalists, in comparison to 11 hybrids/plug-ins/electric vehicles.

The BMW 328d has a 2.0L turbodiesel engine with 180 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle is still able to achieve 45 MPG highway (EPA estimated) even with all that power.

BMW is very confident that they will bring home this year’s Green Car of the Year. If you are interested in the BMW 328d, then be sure to stop by your local St. Louis BMW dealer and take one for a test drive today!

4 Series Hybrid to Debut in LA?

Consumers and auto experts are all preparing for the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. And with a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs already announcing that they will be attending, there can’t be too many surprises right? Then you must not have heard about the 4 Series Hybrid that is rumored to be making its debut.

The BMW 4 Series has already been the talk of the auto industry this year, so it should come as no shock that BMW had at least one more surprise up their sleeve for this year’s LA Auto Show.

The 4 Series Hybrid Concept is expected to have the same powertrain that is currently found in 3, 5, and 7 Series hybrid models (a turbocharged 3.0L straight 6 with electric motor). It is also rumored that the 4 Series Hybrid will mimic the ActiveHybrid 3, which has 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

And just in case you’re questioning the power behind the hybrid, take a look at the ActiveHybrid 3 in action.

You’re not going to want to miss out on the 4 Series or 4 Series Hybrid at your local St. Louis BMW, so make sure to Like us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest BMW news and information.

Special 2016 M4 to Celebrate BMW’s 100th Birthday

BMW is already starting to prepare for their 100th birthday in 2016 with a Special Edition M4.

The 2016 M4 is going to be a more powerful version of the current M4 with a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter straight six cylinder engine. Exact output for the car has not been established, but the brand has said that they expect it to be noticeably more power.

Overall weight of the special edition is expected to be lighter. Engineers at BMW have said that they have a goal of 220 pounds lighter, which will increase the fuel economy, as well as make the car more agile. Carbon fiber will cover many areas of the car, including the roof, trunk, and fenders to help shed some extra pounds of the vehicle.

The M4 will be more track-focused than previous models, being designed more for performance than anything. Front sport seats will give the driver the feel of being on the track, and even more so with Alcantara replacing the leather interior.

We know that it is still going to be awhile until any additional specs of the 2016 M4 are released, but we will be sure to keep all of the St. Louis BMW supporters updated on Twitter.


BMW Recognized by EPA Green Power Partnership

Earlier this week, BMW was awarded the Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Purchaser for their renewable energy programs with their ActiveE electric vehicles.

The EPA’s Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Purchaser Award is given out to honor companies and organizations that actively promote their use of green power, either internally or externally, in a way that is considered innovative. The award was given out at the Green Power Leadership Awards in Austin Texas during the Renewable Energy Markets Conference.

Being recognized for continued efforts to promote green energy is nothing new to BMW. This year makes eight consecutive years that BMW has ranked #1 on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. This year, the launch of the all new i3 has helped BMW to secure their position at the top of the index.

BMW has worked hard to educate consumers on their green products, including renewable energy certificates (called RECs) and residential solar electric systems. On average, consumers who use these green products are able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by nearly 5,000 pounds a year.

BMW’s ActiveE systems have been a continued success for the company, as well as for the environment. If you would like to learn more about ActiveE, and the benefits that come with it, then stop by your local St. Louis BMW dealer and speak to a professional today. 

O’Fallon Fire Department Prepares for Fire Prevention Week

The O’Fallon Fire Department is teaming up with the National Fire Prevention Association to discuss how to prevent kitchen fires during Fire Prevention Week, which takes place from October 6 – October 12.

During the week, the O’Fallon Fire Department will also be holding their annual Fire Prevention open house at Fire Station #2, which is located at the corner of Highway 50 and Third Street. Open house hours will be from 6:30-8:30 on 8th, 9th, and 10th.

“I encourage O’Fallon families to stop by the open house, have some refreshments, and pick up your choice of numerous fire prevention handouts that will be available”, says Mayor Gary Graham.

The O’Fallon Fire Department has compiled a few tips for residents in regards to preventing kitchen fires:

  • Stay in the kitchen when frying, broiling, or boiling food
  • If you must leave the room, turn the stove off
  • When baking/roasting food, do not leave the home, and set timers
  • Use the back burners if children are in the home to prevent them from touching pots/pans
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothes when cooking
  • Clean up food and grease from burners

In addition to fire prevention tips, the O’Fallon Fire Department will also be offering fire truck rides, fire slide pole, safety house and fire extinguisher demonstrations, and if the weather permits the ARCH helicopter will also be at there!

Kitchen fires are nothing to take lightly. The open house at the O’Fallon Fire Department is a great opportunity to learn about what you can do to prevent a house fire, and it’s just a few minutes down the road from Newbold BMW.

Rory McIlroy Takes the i3 for a Spin

With the BMW Championship just beginning, the auto manufacturer thought it was only fitting that Rory McIlroy, winner of last year’s championship, has an opportunity to test drive the future of automobiles.

Earlier this week, BMW allowed McIlroy to take out the i3 on a test drive. But this was not any ordinary cruise around get to know the car test drive. This was a course that was specially set up by Matt Hullins, the Chief Driving Instructor at the BMW Performance Driving Center.

“It was the first time I have driven a fully-electric car – and it was fascinating. Compared to a conventional car, the first thing you notice is how incredibly quiet it is. I was even more surprised by the speed of the BMW i3 on this track, and how agile it was in the corners. It was great fun driving this car on this circuit,” said McIlroy after driving the i3.

While McIlroy was able to drive the i3 for a short time, he (along with the rest of the competition) has the opportunity to own one during the BMW Championship. If any player is able to hit a hole in one on the 17th hole during the tournament, that golfer will receive a brand new i3!

The BMW Championship is the second to last tournament in the 2013 PGA TOUR Playoffs. It is being held at the Conway Farms Golf Club, just a few hours from St. Louis.